Two Years Off Photos from a backpacking journey around the world

Two Years Off

About Us

So where’d we get this crazy idea to take two years off and backpack around the world?

It happened when we got back from our first trip overseas together – China. Though China was by no means our best trip (for several reasons), it started the conversation of “12 days was just not enough…” Over the years, that conversation grew; playfully at first, but eventually became a “why CAN’T we?” At that point (a few years ago), we started seriously discussing the possibilities of long term travel.

We started talking maybe we’d shoot for three months of travel, which turned into six months, then a year. A whole year! Could you imagine what we could do in a year?! During our nightly walks, we would dream; dream about things we wanted to see, places we wanted to go, people we wanted to meet, and most importantly, foods we wanted to eat. As it turns out, we quickly realized that a year wouldn’t be enough. With some very basic research of how much a year around the world would cost per person, we decided, let’s shoot for two years!

We figured: money can be earned again; time cannot–so we’ll opt to spend our time traveling. And there the dream started!

Why didn’t we create a full blog? We love to travel, experience life, and of course, take photos. We’ll leave all the writing to other folks who seem to enjoy it. But we do consider ourselves seasoned travelers, so if you have any questions or want some advice for your next trip, we’ll always give you our thoughts and ideas. Just ask us.

Our ultimate goal: Visit 100 countries before we retire.

Countries we’ve been to prior to this Round-the-World trip include: Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, China, England, France, Italy, Vatican, Aruba, Japan, Philippines.

Our definition of having “visited” a country: At least one meal must be eaten in an establishment outside of an airport/train station. (This definition applies to States visited as well)

What we’re doing now: We are planning a “career break” as some would call it, or for us “Two Years Off” of normal life to backpack around the world. The plan is to take off in late August of 2011, and be gone for about 24 months. Check out our itinerary for a general idea of where we’re heading.

Backpacking Style: Light Backpacking – Our goal is to keep each of our backpacks at or under 15 lbs. Our camera, camera bag, and additional lens will be kept separate from our main backpacks.

About Jennifer

* Is an aspiring photographer
* She LOVES to eat; in fact, she’ll eat just about anything
* She caught the “travel bug” from Kevin on their very first trip to New York City
* Despite being a sales person and former teacher, people who know her will know that she’s shy and introverted
* Regularly plays basketball with Kevin and neighborhood kids at the local park
* Favorite museums so far: American Museum of Natural History (NYC), Hong Kong Museum of History
* Los Angeles Lakers Fan

About Kevin

* He’s also an aspiring photographer
* Has played basketball, and been a Lakers fan since he was 7
* Became addicted to travel since his first family trip abroad to Vietnam
* Keeps up to date with current events, politics, etc. (mostly boring stuff)
* Loves learning about new cultures and eating ethnic foods
* Appreciates different types of cultural exchanges

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