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Weeklong Trek Thru The Gobi Desert

We hired a translator/guide and 4X4 to off-road over 900 miles, trekking & camping along the way for a week through Altai Mountains and the massive Gobi Desert. Despite not showering for a week, living off basic meals, bearing through sandstorms, and having no access to toilet facilities, this weeklong trek was undoubtedly the singular best experience of our trip up to this point! The natural beauty and grandeur of the Altai Mountains and Gobi Desert; the indescribably surreal backdrop of the Milky Way galaxy and celestial shooting stars appearing nightly; and the feeling of complete solitude, peace and silence of being alone in the middle of nowhere–this was truly a journey of a lifetime! Compared to the noisy bustle and routine of our lives back home, this experience was as different as you can get! These photos will never do any justice for this truly memorable week!

Pit stop for lunch on Day 1, still enjoying the lush green of Mongolian Steppe

Meeting some nomadic locals along the way

Rock climbing and hiking before sunset to catch the view

Hanks and Agi, our translator/guide and driver, setting up camp

Day 3 and a flat tire upon entering Gobi territory is bad news…

Hiking down a mountain pass along the Altai Mountains

Incredible view atop one of the Altai peaks

Surveying the landscape after a long hike

Marching along sand dunes in the Gobi on our trusty camels, along with our good friend Mardy and our guide Hanks

Our camels taking a break while we climb some of the much higher and steeper dunes

Love the feeling of complete solitude!

Not sure if Kevin’s going to make it!

A nomadic family milks their mare nearby

Relaxing in awe at Bayanzag, or the Flaming Cliffs

Quite a view at the top!

Best seat in the house to enjoy the sunset!

The epic view after hiking back down

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  1. Leslie says:

    The Gobi desert!! How amazing. Thank you for sharing these wondering experiences.


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