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Tracing Roots in Canton: Guangzhou

From the Chinese border crossing at Zhuhai, we arrived in the metropolis of Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province and ancestral home of Kevin’s grandfather. One of China’s largest and fastest-growing cities, Guangzhou–seemingly still choking on its own growth–is a testament to how modern-day development can still vibrantly coexist with historic roots. In addition to enjoying the uniquely Cantonese cuisine of fresh seafood, steamed chicken/BBQ duck, and dim sum; Guangzhou’s massive shopping malls, parks, temples and museums kept us busy for a few weeks as we got to know this gem of Southern China!

The posh and architecturally-inspiring financial district

Canton Tower is the second-tallest tower in the world

Brunch time dim sum at one of the city’s most popular restaurants with our newest friends Rainbow and Chris

Table side tea service

Nightly walks along the riverside pier

Reading more about the city from the comfort of our 40th-floor room!

Steamed chicken is just one of Guangdong province’s traditional menu items…

…so is delicious dim sum, including pork siumai, shrimp dumplings and spicy beef tripe!

What a way to make a living!

Shopping at one of GZ’s many uber-shopping malls with Rainbow and her friend Sharon

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