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High Up in Shangri-La

High up in the mountains at 12,000 feet elevation, the mystical city of Shangri-La sits at the heart of Dêqên Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Named after the fictional city where people are almost immortal and virtually never age in appearance, Shangri-La is a lush valley inhabited mainly by Tibetans whose old-fashioned way of life seems to resemble more from fiction than it does with modern-day, urbanized China. Meeting up with some new friends, we hiked and explored miles and miles of mist-filled forests, blooming prairies, and Tibetan temples nestled among the beautiful, mountainous terrain.

Village nestled among the vibrantly-colored prairie

A traditional Tibetan shrine adorned with prayer flags

Life in this predominantly Tibetan community is a quiet and welcomed contrast to the rest of bustling China

Group photo after reaching the top of the Baishui Tableland (White Water Terrace)

Kevin showing some local Tibetan kids how we Americans ball! Not easy while huffing and puffing at 12,000 feet elevation!

Dinner with our newest friends, Ken and Grace. Thanks for everything guys! Please keep in touch!

Doing laundry in the cold, thin air

Traditional Tibetan food, complete with yak meat and butter tea

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  1. STEVY says:

    what a beautifuul place…… have a best trip,Jenny n Kevin :)

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