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Thai New Year in Chiang Mai

We were fortunate to have been in Thailand during their biggest festival – the Songkran or New Year’s festival – where the most famous of these celebrations are held in Chiang Mai. Aside from being a New Year’s festival, many celebrate it as a Buddhist festival by going to wats (Buddhist monasteries) to pray, give alms, and cleanse Buddha images by gently pouring fragranced water over them. As part of the festivities, throwing water originated as a way to pay respect to people, but has evolved into a massive water fight using tubs and buckets of water along with water guns.

At the local market to get fresh ingredients for Jennifer’s cooking class

Making spicy Penang-style curry

I’m not sure if it’s suppose to look like this..!

Spicy Thai chicken stir-fry and creamy banana coconut dessert made by yours truly!

Celebration and prayer during Songkran

Thousands make the pilgrimage to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple in Chiang Mai for prayers during Songkran

The traditional ritual of pouring water over the Buddha as a symbol of cleansing

Chiang Mai is world-famous for its wildly crazy, over-the-top water fights during New Year celebrations

Water guns, check!

It’s a party atmosphere all over town, especially at the center of the city

Hanging out with our newest friends, Pasit and Phee

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  1. Ba says:

    moi do ma 2 dua con da di duoc 1 nam roi, chac la bat dau tham met, hi vong 2 con se co duoc nhung kham pha moi trong nhung thoi gian con lai.

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