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The Mekong Delta: My Tho & Ben Tre

Before leaving Vietnam for good, we visited Kevin’s family and toured the town of My Tho, located in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. Despite the fact that Kevin had visited a few times before, this was truly our first opportunity to truly get to know and appreciate life around the Mekong delta area, spanning both My Tho and nearby Ben Tre. Between Kevin’s family members and the friendly folk around town, the area has a quaint and friendly familiarity that always seems to make us feel at home!

Beautiful views of Vinh Trang Pagoda in My Tho

Loads of delicious vú sữa (literally “milk of the breast”), also known as star apple fruit, can be bought cheap in the Mekong area

Not much to do in rural My Tho but lie around and complain about the hot & humid weather

Preparing food and offerings for the annual đám giỗ for Kevin’s grandfather, a solemn ceremony for the death anniversary of a loved one

Poor guy, look who’s going to be lunch!

Taking the quick ferry over to Ben Tre from My Tho

Life in My Tho and Ben Tre still remains very much centered around the Mekong river

Majestic view of My Tho and Ben Tre from above the Mekong Delta area

Cải lương, or Vietnamese folk opera, actually originated in Southern Vietnam early in the 20th century and is still a big part of the region’s culture today

Rowboat ferry on a village tributary river of the Mekong

One last kiss goodbye for Kevin’s grandmother before we depart

Tiết canh vịt, or duck blood salad, is a popular–if not bizarre–delicacy in the Mekong Delta area

2 Responses to The Mekong Delta: My Tho & Ben Tre

  1. Julie says:

    Our grandma look so cute!

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    I love the pictures of the flowers

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