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The Wonders of Ha Long Bay

No visit to Vietnam would be complete without a trip to see Ha Long Bay, one of the newly-designated 7 Natural Wonders of the World. Despite being a bit too touristic, it’s not difficult to appreciate why the thousands of limestone karst formations around Ha Long Bay have captured the attention of travelers from around the world. After exploring the greenish-turquoise waters by kayak, hiking up lava-formed mountains and exploring massive natural caves, we cruised to the tiny village of Viet Hai on nearby Cat Ba Island to get a glimpse of village life.

Ha Long Bay harbor bustling with mostly tourist boats and cruise ships, dwarfing the few fishing boats that still call the Bay home

Spotlights illuminate some of the thousands of stalagmite formations inside the massive Dau Go Cave

Majestic shot overlooking a small harbor in Ha Long Bay

Kayaking across the dark green waters

The rolling winter fog adds a feel of mystique to the already-epic grandeur of Ha Long Bay

Night falls over a junk boat cruiser

Paddling into one of the many cave inlets around Ha Long Bay, this one leading to a hidden lake in the middle of an island

Relaxing on the roof of our junk boat cruise ship

Just docked on Cat Ba Island, looking for a way into nearby Viet Hai village

We rented bicycles to explore Viet Hai village, nestled below the mountains and deep within the jungle forest of Cat Ba Island

One of many authentic floating villages around Cat Ba Island, still inhabited by thousands of fishermen and their families

2 Responses to The Wonders of Ha Long Bay

  1. Bố says:

    Ha Long Bay looks very nice, very beautiful. I have been in VN several times, but did not have chance to visit Ha Long Bay. My visit were not complete, I guess.Your guys look like Tây Balo in Cat Ba Island.
    More picyures, please.

  2. Bố says:

    ‘the dark green waters” area looks deep. looks scary. How could Miki keep smiling ??? in that deep, dark water ???

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