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Celebrating Tet in Vietnam

We made it to Vietnam just in time for Tet–the Lunar New Year celebrated by many Asians across the world! As most of you know, the majority of Kevin’s extended family still lives in Vietnam. We had been planning to surprise them, showing up unannounced to join the family in celebrating what is undoubtedly Vietnam’s most important holiday. It being our first time experiencing the nearly week-long Tet festivities in our native country, we were delighted to spend time with friends and family, practice the traditional cultural rituals and witness the frenetic energy of Tet. Here are shots of Kevin’s family for everyone back home. Chúc mừng năm mới, everybody!

Buying decorations like this kumquat/mandarin tree is a part of the pre-Tet activities

Preparing the ancestral offerings before midnight on the eve of Tet

2012 is the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese/Vietnamese lunar calendar

Ong Ba Noi (paternal grandfather & grandmother) haven’t been very close for some time now, but honoring them and other elders are an essential part of celebrating Tet

Một Hai Ba, Vô!!! (the traditional cheer before a drink)

Snacks and finger foods like these are enjoyed by the family at each visit to another home during Tet.

2 Responses to Celebrating Tet in Vietnam

  1. Julie says:

    Love the pictures. :-)

  2. Đặng Thị Bích Vân says:

    Chi xem hình 2 đứa chụp ngoài làng nhà ôn mệ chị cảm động lắm và rất thán phuc o Hương à chú THành đã dạy dỗ con cái nên người như vậy
    Dù sinh ra lớn lên ở Mỹ nhưng vẫn nhớ đến cội nguồn .Chị sẽ cố gắng học hỏi ở o chú những điều này . rất thương và nhớ 2 vợ chồng em đó
    Chị mong ngày chị em mình gặp lại nhau thật gần . 2 đứa rất dễ thương

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