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Urban Life in Santiago, Chile

After 4 months of traveling through South America already, we decided to take it easy and settle down in Santiago, Chile. We rented a high-rise apartment in the beautiful upscale neighborhood of Providencia for nearly a month. It was a great way to wind down our South American experience while trying to live life just like a Santiaguino, learning lots about its history, politics, food and lifestyle. Unfortunately, this meant we rarely took our camera along. So here’s just a taste of Chilean urban life here in the capitol city.

Biking around the city to admire the wonderful graffiti art in Santiago

Graffiti mural created in honor of Chile’s Nobel-prize winning author and activist, Pablo Neruda

Fresh strawberries arriving at the bustling Mercado Central near downtown Santiago

Every day is market day here at the bustling Mercado Central

Cathedral at the Plaza de Armas at the epicenter of historic Santiago. As it has a striking resemblance to the main squares in most Peruvian towns and cities, it’s no wonder that much of the immigrant Peruvian community in the city can be found around here.

Statue of Salvador Allende near the presidential La Moneda Palace. Chile’s young democracy, much like its neighbor Argentina, has a very dark past marred by civil strife and dictatorships. This statue symbolizes Chile’s healing process as the country comes to grips with its past.

A flag raised at La Moneda Palace signifies President PiƱera is in the house!

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  1. kevinho25 says:

    Sorry for the long delay since our last post, everybody! We’ve been so wrapped up in our transition from South America to Asia. Check our Twitter feed and itinerary map for more frequent updates! – Kevin & Jennifer

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