Two Years Off Photos from a backpacking journey around the world

Two Years Off
Iguazu and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Despite having a great time in Argentina, we were excited to move on to Brazil, spending a week at Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janeiro. The short story of it all is that Iguazu Falls is a beautiful–if not touristy–landmark that you just have to see once in your lifetime! Rio, despite its often bad reputation, is a wonderful place full of life, culture and great food! We were lucky enough to stay with a great host who lived in a luxury high-rise apartment overlooking Leblon and Ipanema beaches.

Gotta start your morning right with an açaí smoothie mixed with granola and bananas. Yum!

A peak of Christ the Redeemer from the Botanical Gardens in Rio

Running into a family of coaties on a hike near Iguazu Falls

Always wanted to take a dip at a waterfall. What better place to do it than in Brazil!

Brazil is home to some of the most gorgeous flora around the world

Trying to figure out a way to get some jackfruit from the trees!

Raging rapids at the top of Iguazu Falls, aptly named the Devil’s Throat

The waters don’t seem completely safe

Photos can’t quite capture the immensity and majestic beauty of Iguazu Falls

Unwinding by taking a stroll on a quiet stretch of Ipanema beach

Exploring the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro

Despite being mostly cloudy during the week, we managed to snap this great view of Rio from Corcovado mountain

You can’t visit Rio without making the trip up to see Christ the Redeemer (at least once), even though it’s a bit overrated and a tourist trap

Thanks for being a fantastic host and friend to us, Lilian! We’ll definitely get together again next time we’re in Rio!

2 Responses to Iguazu and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Leslie says:

    Hi Jen and Kevin,

    The photographs just keep getting more and more beautiful. What an amazing place Brazil is. I am looking up jackfruit. Look forward to the next stop (is it Vietnam?)

    Take care,


    • kevinho25 says:

      Yup, next stop is Vietnam! As much as we loved South America, we want to experience our native Vietnam during its biggest holiday of the year, Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Take care at home and stay in touch, Leslie!

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