Two Years Off Photos from a backpacking journey around the world

Patagonia Lake District Adventures!

You can’t really enjoy Bariloche and the Lake District without getting active and being outdoors! Whether it was mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, or white water rafting, there was so much to do! Here are just a few photos–and a short video clip–from our adventures in the Lake District of northern Patagonia!

Kayaking on Lago Moreno, about an hour away from Bariloche

Shore-side picnic with our friends and fellow kayakers Maria and Marcus

A clear day with perfect, calm weather made for crystal-clear reflections on the lake

Absolutely gorgeous views on the horseback ride into the forest

Jennifer getting control of her horse

Lots of fun to ride our horses knee-deep into the ice-cold waters of the lake

Great ride with our host from France, Marie!

We lost two of our raft mates on the very first rapids!

Rated as Class 3-4, the Rio Manso during this time of year is a Class 4 river (when most of the glacial ice has melted)

6 Responses to Patagonia Lake District Adventures!

  1. Bo says:

    It looks very dangerous. I did not know / did not expect that you were on the team , Miki.
    Look like you got a lot of fun

  2. xhdang says:

    Wow! you made it through this rough water. I’m speechless.

  3. Dr. Le says:

    I’m glad that you two are safe and sound! Awesome pictures! Enjoy life kiddos!

  4. tom ho says:

    It’s Thanksgiving in the US, I wish the best to you along your journey, I bet you’re missing American food as well as Vietnammese ones. becareful out there OK ! I can tell you’re ejoying your time by seeing the pictures. Get away from trouble spots OK? LOVE, BA

  5. tom ho says:

    Chuc 2 con Thanks giving that hanh phuc,

  6. Chi Tran says:

    You guys are crzy for attempting…

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