Two Years Off Photos from a backpacking journey around the world

Hola from Arequipa!

We spent two weeks in Arequipa and the surrounding Colca Canyon, while taking a Spanish course and living as foreign exchange students with the Liendo family. Sorry for not posting until now–our days have been busily filled with classes, studying, homework and just living daily life. But we did manage to explore much of the town and countryside, so here are some photos from our wonderful time here.

Beautiful snow-capped Chachani Volcano greeted us when we arrived in Arequipa

Cuy chactado is a traditional Peruvian dish (deep-fried guinea pig)

Gearing up for the nearly 30-mile Chachani Volcano mountain biking trek (14,500+ feet elevation)

Near the peak of Chachani, with Misti Volcano in the background

After about 6 hours, we finally reach the base of of the volcano and pose for a victory lap shot

Christian and Kevin seem to like their Peruvian/French fusion-styled crepes

Rosario and Jennifer look like best friends already!

Sheep herder in the country farmland near Chivay, about 4 hours from Arequipa

Jennifer playing with a baby llama

Inside the main chapel at Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa

Intricate woodwork of religious figures adorn the furniture inside the Cathedral

Angel statutes greet (and bless) visitors at the Casa de Moral

Formal dining room at Casa de Moral, a well preserved Mestizo/Spanish-style colonial home from the 18th century

This church near Chivay is a stunning example of the white sillar volcanic stone used in much of Arequipa’s colonial architecture

Stunning, breathtaking views of the staggered, terrace-styled farmland around Colca Canyon, an agricultural technique introduced by the Incas

Colca Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world

Hiking up and around Colca Canyon

Jennifer tries out her new falconry skills. Watch out for those sharp talons!

The hike up to this Incan burial ground was tiring, but it was worth it!

Incan legend and tradition says you should stack rocks to make a wish to Mother Earth (Pachamama). Here goes!

Traditional Andean dresses and clothing are still worn by folks today. Here, a local woman feeds her pet llama

You can’t visit Peru without running into a herd of llamas and alpacas!

Our Spanish school arranged a foreign exchange homestay with the Liendo household. Thanks Miguel!

Iconic blue volcanic stone walls and arched ceilings around the cloister at Santa Catalina Convent

Jennifer sees how difficult it was to prepare food as the nuns did it during the 17th century at the convent

Dome of the main chapel at Santa Catalina convent, a landmark in Arequipa

Laundry bays used by the nuns at the convent

Red and white sillar volcanic stone walls line many parts of Arequipa

Carmen Sandiego??? Actually, a tour guide relaxes near Santa Catalina convent.

Just after sunset at the Plaza de Armas main square, where both the Cathedral and Misti Volcano are lit up!

2 Responses to Hola from Arequipa!

  1. mom says:

    Wow! There are so much to see and learn. Thanks for the foot notes on the picture. Great photography!

  2. BA says:

    hinh 2 dua con chup dep qua, chuc 2 dua 1 chuyen hanh trinh that vui ve

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