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Balkan Beauty: Montenegro

Moving on through the Balkans, we next headed to Montenegro for a road trip through the country’s beautiful beaches and mountains. This time, we met up with Kevin’s Mom again, who would join us for the remainder of our trip through Europe!

Enjoing the view from high up above Kotor Bay after a long day’s hike

Delicious grilled squid, a Balkan classic!

The islet of Sveti Stefan

Ostrog monastery, built into the side of a mountain, is a major pilgrimage site for Orthodox followers

Jennifer and Mom stop for a break during a hike up the mountains in Durmitor National Park (can barely see them!)

3 Responses to Balkan Beauty: Montenegro

  1. Gorgeous photos! I love the rural scenery… We visited Kotor, too – what a harrowing late night ride on those windy roads leading to the city. Our chain smoking minibus driver careened around the bends with his brights on, crossing lanes, causing us to hope and pray that we\\\’d just get there soon. What memories :) Great seeing more trip pictures from you!

    • kevinho25 says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Montenegro was wonderful in so many ways! Post RTW withdrawal is definitely setting in. Congrats to you guys for the precious new addition to your family. =)

  2. Jacob & Rosie says:

    Fantastic photos from a fantastic country. We had a wonderful time rafting with you guys, we have some great photos which we have owed you for a while (apologies we lost your email…) do send us an line so we can get them to you, we would love to hear about the rest of your trip and how you’re settling into post traveling life!

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