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Living It Up In Lima

After an overnight pitstop in Piura, just across the Peruvian border, we arrived by plane into Lima, Peru’s capital. We stayed for a night in Callao, just outside Lima’s city limits, with a great Couchsurfer, Bruce (and his mother). Bruce was a fantastic host and quickly became a good friend of ours, as he practically took us around the entire city during our stay! We also met up with a lot of new friends and travelers, including Angel and some fellow Couchsurfers, which made our experience in Lima even better. The last 6 days of daytripping, hiking, cramming into city minibuses, eating, drinking, exploring, and learning about both Lima and Peru have been amazing!

Breakfast with Bruce’s mother, Mrs. Aliquid, both of whom were gracious enough to host us for a night

Bruce playing the guitar at El Parque del Amor, or Lover’s Park

Bruce and Kevin and some newly-acquainted friends from Brazil

Jennifer with some new friends meet up at a downtown Lima bar

San Martin plaza near downtown Lima

View of the beach from the cliffs near Miraflores shopping district

Having a traditional Peruvian dinner with our Couchsurfing host family

The absolute best ceviche pescado at Punto Azul restaurant in Miraflores. (Chi Tran, you would love this!)

Huaca Pucllana archeological site in Miraflores

Trekking outside the city to the Pachacamac Ruins

Templo del Sol, one of the holiest sites of the Incan Empire, at Pachacamac

Apparently, this is what Asian people look like according to our silly Couchsurfing host, Bruce

Playing with the local farm animals in a rural village near Lomas de Locumo

Rural countryside village near Lomas de Locumo in Pachacamac

Hiking up the long mountain trail up Lomas de Locumo

Pachamanca, or food cooked from the Earth, was cooked in pits dug into the ground, surrounded by hot stones

Pachamanca is a form of traditional Incan food

Jennifer stopping to look at the map in front of Monasterio de San Francisco

Beautiful day in front of the National Cathedral next to the Government Palace in downtown Lima

Street artists in the downtown shopping district

Jennifer with some fellow Couchsurfers

Angel, Jennifer and the rest of the Couchsurfing gang. (Nice bandana, Gregor!)

Watching kids enjoy the fountains at Circuito Magico del Agua

Posing in front of the water tunnel

A couple watches the amazing water fountain displays

Thanks for the warm and family-oriented accommodations, Angelo! We enjoyed our stay at B&B Tradiciones!

3 Responses to Living It Up In Lima

  1. Chi Tran says:

    The foods look good. What was in the salad that you says I might like?

  2. Kieu says:

    mMmmm… that ceviche pescado looks devine! G and I are both dying to go to Peru. Great photos you guys. Looks like you had some great hospitality and company. Safe trippin’! -GQ

  3. Bao Nguyen says:

    Wow, a whole new world. I’d wish America has more chalk art or artist freely with the public. Definitly a great place to visit.

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