Two Years Off Photos from a backpacking journey around the world

Two Years Off
Join Us On Our Travels!

Welcome friends and family! This website was created with you guys in mind! Sure, we could’ve taken the time to write how-to articles, travel tips, walking tour guides, and all the usual stuff you’d expect from a travel blog. But you can read all that good stuff from plenty of other sites and blogs on the web; so instead, we’ve decided to just focus on traveling. But since we love to take photos and we know folks back home want to keep abreast of our whereabouts (especially our parents!), we’ve designed this photo blog to share some of our favorite photos that we take along the way.

So stay in touch and drop by once in awhile to see what’s new from our corner of the world (whereever that happens to be at the moment). Better yet, subscribe to our site by entering your e-mail address at the bottom of the page (under “Subscribe”) and we’ll send you an e-mail whenever we post new photos. Want to see something specific? Send us an e-mail or chat with us on Skype and let us know what you want to see!

Until we see you all again, happy travels!

2 Responses to Join Us On Our Travels!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Let the journey begin!

  2. Tom Ho says:

    the pictures look beautiful, wish your trip will be a wonderful ones, chuc 2 cn that vui va hanh phuc. DAD

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