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Mainland Japan: Tokyo & Nara

Moving on to the island of Honshu in Japan, we met up with Kevin’s Mom who joined us for 3 weeks, starting in lively Tokyo and also exploring the historic city of Nara. In Tokyo, we attended the massive annual CEATEC electronics expo, a gathering of major Asian tech manufacturers to showcase their latest-and-greatest innovations. Once we grew weary of the big city crowds, we traced the country’s historic Buddhist roots by temple-hopping in the 8th century capital city of Nara.

Picking Mom up from the airport in Tokyo

It being her first time in Japan, we took Kevin’s Mom on a whirlwind highlights tour of Tokyo, including the Imperial Palace

We made good use of our unlimited-ride Japan Rail Passes

The complimentary yukata looks pretty comfortable!

Kevin explaining how a plug-in hybrid vehicle works

Trade show models from the Huawei booth demonstrate the company’s Ascend-line of Android smartphones

Toyota showcases it’s new efficient plug-in, electric vehicle charging station

Gangō-ji temple was built in the late 6th century

Warm and cozy while passing the time during a big storm

5-story pagoda of Kofuku-ji temple

Nara is perhaps known for the deer that roam around Nara Park, apparently unafraid by the hordes of daily tourists

Daibutsu-den, located at Tōdai-ji, is said to be the largest wooden building in the world and houses one of the largest Buddha statues in the world

Yakushi Nyorai, Buddha of medicine and healing, at Todaiji

Vegetarian udon and rice

Jennifer enjoying a sweet chocolate crepe, popular in the Shibuya and Harajuku districts of Tokyo

3 Responses to Mainland Japan: Tokyo & Nara

  1. Leslie says:

    More fun pictures!! Thanks so much for these fantastic adventures!


  2. Ly says:

    Love all…<3

  3. Bac Tinh Bac Ha says:

    Beautiful scenes,Happy faces,Beautiful smiles! Love them all!

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