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Lake District of San Carlos de Bariloche

Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, we entered the Patagonia region of Argentina via the Lake District city of San Carlos de Bariloche. We stayed for 8 days to enjoy the absolutely-gorgeous natural setting and perfect weather! Trust us, these photos don’t do the beauty of Bariloche and surrounding areas any justice!

Kids enjoying the perfect weather near Lago Nahuel Huapi next to Bariloche

Despite the recent volcano eruptions in Chile and the ash clouds they’ve produced, our stay in Bariloche was mostly clear (although we heard that the day we left, a massive ash storm hit the town!)

Bird-eye’s view of Llao Llao and Colonia Suiza from high atop Cerro Otto in Bariloche

Hiking around Cerro Otto (that speck in the distance is Kevin!)

Colorful wall mural and street artists on Calle Moreno in Bariloche

Much to Jennifer’s delight, we learned that Patagonia is known for its rich chocolates and streets lined with Swiss-like confectioneries. Of course, we had to splurge!

Taking a break to enjoy the brisk, cool and fresh air of the Lake District

Skipping stones on Lago Moreno

Quick break at a panoramic point overlooking Llao Llao

No way our camera could capture how extraordinarily beautiful this was! (But we still had to try!)

We rented a few bikes and cycled across the beautiful 17-mile Circuito Chico trail

Legend has it that if you take 3 sips of the crystal-clear fresh water from these falls, you’ll be destined to return to Bariloche. Here’s hoping!

Dirt path to find the hidden lake along the Circuito Chico trail

Being one with nature

2 Responses to Lake District of San Carlos de Bariloche

  1. Julie says:

    Wow! So beautiful.

  2. Me says:

    Luc nay Na dep trai qua di!

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